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              High quality doors and windows ≠ high end system doors and windows? What are the system doors and windows?
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              The door and window industry is in an era of great change, especially the quality of people's life is improving, and then there are new requirements for the quality and performance of housing. The quality of consumption is constantly upgrading, and the consumption point is shifting. The construction door and window market, including the aluminum profile market, has also undergone profound changes. The system door and window market has gradually attracted the attention of users, and is also opening a new situation in the door and window market.

              However, many people are still not fully aware of the system doors and windows, the quality of the system doors and windows products in the market is uneven, and even some businesses are inferior. And most consumers don't understand some professional performance requirements of doors and windows. In the initial consumption ideology, high-quality doors and windows are equal to high-end system doors and windows. However, high-quality doors and windows ≠ high-end system doors and windows. So, let's understand what is system doors and windows today.

              In short, the system doors and windows are made by the system company with the overall door and window system solution, which makes a clear commitment to the performance and quality indicators of the products. At the same time, a series of important functions such as water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, sunshade, weather resistance, operation feel, etc. are considered, as well as equipment, profiles, accessories, glass, Comprehensive results of the performance of each link of adhesive and seal. According to the requirements of the overall solution, design, manufacture and install the products, and realize the promised performance and quality indicators in actual use.

              The five core features of the system doors and windows: systematic design, high insulation profile, standard material formula, high-quality hardware system and rigorous production process.

              Europe is the birthplace of system doors and windows, and it has been nearly 20 years since it entered the Chinese market. Domestic door and window enterprises have gradually mastered the technology and principle of system doors and windows through research and learning. For aluminum alloy doors and windows, the strength and sealing of processing angle is very important, which determines the splicing strength and waterproof degree of doors and windows. Among them, the traditional angle forming process of common doors and windows adopts the connection form of extrusion aluminum angle code + collision angle, while the angle forming connection of system doors and windows adopts the special cast aluminum angle code with hollow stainless steel pin + glue injection, which is more significant in sealing performance.

              Generally speaking, only good system doors and windows can meet the higher standard of energy saving requirements. At present, there are some differences between system doors and windows and ordinary doors and windows. System doors and windows are superior to ordinary doors and windows both in overall performance and product quality. In the future, with the increase of consumption demand, the development prospect of high-end system doors and windows is broad, but enterprises should focus on product quality, which is a good strategy for long-term operation of enterprises.

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