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              Old doors and windows are leaking, should they be repaired or replaced?
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              On rainy days, continuous rainfall will cause many old doors and windows to leak or seep water. As time goes on, even the wall near the doors and windows will fall off and the floor will rise. So, should we repair or replace the leakage of doors and windows?

              This needs to find out the specific causes of water leakage. If the leakage is caused by sealant, door and window parts and wall surface, it can be solved by maintenance; if there are problems in the quality and design of doors and windows, or the doors and windows have reached the service life and aging, they need to be replaced.

              Most consumers will try to solve the problems of relevant doors and windows first. It should be noted that the inspection parts of different doors and windows are also different. For example, if it is a sliding window, it depends on whether the wool strip is rolled up, depilated, etc.; if it is a casement window, it depends on whether the rubber strip is aging, falling off or rolled up, whether the joint of the rubber strip is disconnected, whether the wall is aging, cracking, etc. The parts such as wool strip and rubber strip can be replaced, and the wall problems need to be solved by a professional master. If the leakage point is the gluing part, it's OK to mend or re glue, but if there is a problem with the drainage system of the door and window, it's necessary to replace the door and window with a new one. It is understood that the production cycle of doors and windows is about 30-40 days, while it usually takes 3-4 days to dismantle the old window + install the new window, during which you can live normally.

              Shop tips:

              For the consumers who want to replace the doors and windows, how to choose the products with a wide range of products in the market? It is understood that at present, doors and windows on the market are divided into domestic and imported ones, which are differentiated according to the thickness of profiles. It is understood that the price of domestic 1.4mm is about 1400-1500 yuan per square meter, 1.8mm is about 1700-1800 yuan per square meter, and imported 1.8mm is about 2100-2300 yuan per square meter. In addition, a separate labor fee of 100 yuan per square meter will be charged for dismantling the old doors and windows. Consumers can choose the model of doors and windows according to the region, such as bedroom doors and windows, which have high requirements for sound insulation effect, and can use imported 1.8mm products; balcony doors and windows have large area, not too high requirements for sound insulation, and can choose domestic 1.8mm, with strong firmness; the area of the common doors and windows in the toilet is small, only one or two separate windows are needed, and the country with high cost performance can be selected. Yield 1.4mm.

              In addition to the traditional aluminum alloy doors and windows, there are also a large number of aluminum wood doors and windows on the market, that is, the outer wall is aluminum alloy, and the inner wall is wood, which is favored by many consumers who love wood grain. However, a small family born in the south is not recommended to use aluminum wood doors and windows in a large area, because the humid weather in the South tends to mold the wooden doors and windows and produce termites.

              If you want wood doors and windows, you can consider aluminum alloy. As far as the push-pull mode is concerned, the airtightness of the casement window is better than that of the push-pull window, and the functional doors and windows against typhoon can also be considered for the consumers with higher floors. In addition, the industry also suggests that a hidden drainage system can be used to prevent rainwater from flowing back. In case of strong wind and heavy rain, the drainage system of windows will be blocked due to the wind. If the rainwater cannot be drained out, it will slowly infiltrate into the room, and the hidden drainage system can greatly avoid this problem and effectively prevent rainwater from being poured back.

              As for how to choose the best door and window? Xiaobian is still the old saying here: specific analysis. Consumers need to make decisions based on their own home conditions.

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