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              How to choose doors and windows? One look, two touch, three switch
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              As the saying goes: the expert looks at the doorway, the layman looks at the bustle. For people who don't know about doors and windows, it's a headache to buy them. I don't have a standard or a position. As a result, many people are not satisfied and comfortable after buying.

              Also, at present, the industry of doors and windows is rich in categories, dazzling in categories, and uneven in quality. In addition, the shopping guide "has no way to start and judge when wandering around the store. By sorting out and analyzing, Xiaobian summed up the seven character pithy formula: one look, two models, and three switches. It can be collected for a rainy day.

              At first glance

              The so-called "listening to all sides, seeing from all sides", so "seeing" is very important for those who buy doors and windows.

              Look at the brand: brand description products have quality, after-sales, service and other guarantees, assured safety.

              Look at people: look at the professionalism and accomplishment of the boss and shopping guide, and treat people and things.

              Look at the store: the high-end and high-grade terminal stores show the strength of dealers and manufacturers, which is the strength guarantee of products.

              Look at workmanship: workmanship is the core of the product. Good workmanship doors and windows have fine surface, precise interface, good texture and beautiful appearance.

              Two touch

              "Touch, more than 300", don't be afraid, to shop for doors and windows touch is free. It's only when you touch it with your own hands that you can feel it. Especially for doors and windows, touch is an essential step, of course, touch and knock can be matched.

              Touch the surface: whether there are particles, scratches and uneven;

              (II) edge angle: whether there is burr or gap;

              Three touch rubber strip: whether it is loose;

              Four knocks on the surface: whether there is any abnormal sound, and products with good quality and sufficient materials are generally full of sound

              Three switch

              Opening and closing doors and windows is also an important step to judge the quality of doors and windows.

              It is a good product to push and pull the sliding door left and right with small sound and load-bearing feeling. If it is very hard to push and pull, and it clangs like a running train, it indicates that there is a problem in product design or production adjustment. If it is too light, it indicates that the material is insufficient.

              Open the window inside and outside. It's better if it's light and has no abnormal sound.

              Whether the switch handle rotates flexibly.

              If the internal and external switches clank or squeak, it means that the workmanship is not adjusted in place or the hardware fittings are not up to standard. Another reason is that the design opening position is too large, which leads to excessive load-bearing, which is unreasonable.

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