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              The heat is coming! How to choose the glass heat insulation film of sunlight room?
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              Although the selection of the sun room is hollow glass and curtains, in fact, these can not be insulated, curtains can not be insulated, which is well known, so if you particularly want to heat insulation, then the best choice is to stick insulation film.

              The sunlight room has been equipped with insulating glass, and there are many kinds of glass films to choose from. If you especially stress the heat insulation performance, it is recommended that you install insulating film, because insulating glass is actually to make a vacuum space between two layers of glass, so that the glass has certain heat insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and other properties, but at present, the domestic technology is not mature, and you want to achieve a real vacuum. , it is not very practical, and the insulating glass does have a certain sound insulation effect. As for the heat insulation performance, it is the same as the ordinary glass, but with an additional layer of glass and air, it can not block the heat outside. If you want the heat insulation effect, then sticking the heat insulation film is the best choice.

              In addition, the heat insulation film not only has the function of heat insulation, but also has the functions of UV protection, safety explosion-proof, anti glare, increasing privacy, energy saving and consumption reduction, simple installation, beautifying the building appearance, etc. these functions are not available for the hollow glass, so if you want to paste the film just for heat insulation, you will have unexpected harvest, because the film can make your life more economical. Because the heat insulation film can reduce the indoor temperature by 3-7 degrees, it can save the utilization rate of air conditioning, save the power consumption to a large extent, and also make a contribution to your low-carbon life; the installation of the heat insulation film is simple, and will not produce engineering waste. Therefore, it is also the first choice for you to change the environment and energy conservation and environmental protection in the sunlight room. Of course, the heat insulation film also has the safety and explosion-proof performance, and can also play the role of the explosion-proof heat insulation film. It will tightly stick the glass together when the glass is broken, so that the glass fragments will not splash and hurt people, so it can take more safety and health factors to your sunshine life.

              If you want to put insulation film on your glass, you'd better know something about the performance of insulation film, common sense and some basic methods to identify the advantages and disadvantages of insulation film. I'll give you a few simple methods here. You can learn about them first, or you can find out about them on the Internet:

              First of all, smell. The high-quality glass film has no bad smell of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances. Secondly, the film that really meets the requirements will have a layer of metal layer. When the glass is broken, it will not splash and hurt people, while the inferior film does not contain metal layer and has no explosion-proof effect. At the same time, the film can also be taken up to have a look, the higher the clarity, the better. Of course, the most important thing is to see whether it has relevant products, performance parameters and quality assurance certificates. Don't only pay attention to the price, spend a high price to buy fake goods, and be fooled by businesses.

              Before purchasing the solar house glass insulation film, the operator must be required to provide the test data of the film and the sample of the insulation film, especially for the film dealers who arbitrarily exaggerate the data, they should be more careful to avoid being cheated. When choosing thermal insulation film, consumers should try their best to choose a suitable thermal insulation film according to their actual needs (such as heat insulation rate, light transmittance, etc.).

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