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              Tatami and system doors and windows are also very well matched~
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              With the change of property price and the area of urban planning land, the small house type began to be popular. The newly married young people's houses are mainly small ones. How to create the largest use function in the limited space skillfully has always been the design concept pursued by people.

              The design of tatami matching system doors and windows seems to be the Savior of small houses. The traditional tatami is only used on the ground, while the modern tatami is usually in the form of a platform. When tatami meets the door and window of the system, how amazing is it? Let's take you to enjoy it~

              1. Couch type tatami + simple style system doors and windows

              Couch type tatami is the basic style, which can be directly used in the smaller bedroom, visually expanding the area of the room, making the whole room more harmonious and harmonious.

              If you want to avoid the awkward situation that the size of the customized tatami is not right, you can also customize the integrated cabinet directly to make the platform during the decoration, which is simple in aspects, and can reduce the trouble and unnecessary costs.


              2. View leisure tatami + security system window

              The landscape tatami is mainly made use of the balcony and floating windows, which are two places with good light. The traditional mode is: drying clothes, placing potted plants and stacking sundries. Is that the only function of the balcony? Of course not!

              You can add a lift table on the tatami platform of the balcony and the floating window, which is used for tea tasting, reading, watching the stars, watching the moon and relaxing. When the lifting platform is raised, tatami becomes a study and a teahouse. When the lifting platform is lowered, it becomes a children's entertainment room.


              Multi function is also the reason why many small house owners choose tatami with system doors and windows. Tatami and system doors and windows collocation, but also to strengthen the lighting effect and indoor area of visual expansion. This pair of CP must have their own name!

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