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              Promote the door and window curtain wall industry to a greener, safer and higher quality development road
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              At present, the state and relevant departments and even the consumers have higher and higher requirements for the green and safety of doors, windows and curtain walls. To promote the development of door, window and curtain wall industry is inseparable from the joint efforts of each industry colleague, which requires the industry chain to do better in the following aspects.

              First of all, formulate more scientific and reasonable industry standards, conduct detailed and accurate specifications for technology, assembly, energy consumption, informatization and other aspects, and systematically lead the overall layout of product research and development, construction management, industrial chain integration and other perspectives.

              In addition, the top priority is to break through and improve technology, improve the quality of door, window and curtain wall products with lower energy consumption and cost, push more green and safe products to the market, and constantly enhance the awareness and trust of end consumers on products.

              Finally, we should seize the development opportunities. At the beginning of 2019, the outline of the development plan for Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area was officially issued, marking a new stage of full implementation and acceleration of the construction of the bay area. This also means that the development projects with high planning level, high investment amount and good prospect are adding new impetus to the door and window curtain wall industry.

              It's not a day's work. In order to describe the new situation in the new era, the door and window curtain wall enterprises need to change their thinking, conform to the market development trend, present more green, high-quality and good performance products, and continue to promote the industry to the road of high-quality development.

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