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              Our brand
              Our brand

              United and win-win,High reputation

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              Foshan Yalian Doors and Windows System Technology Co., Ltd.

              Foshan Yalian Doors and Windows System Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale and comprehensive aluminum door and window enterprise integrating design, production, sales and services. It inherits the precise manufacturing process of Germany to manufacture doors, and solves the problem of home system for high-end consumer groups. YALNJ products, quality and service have won good reputation in the industry.

              YALNJ is a brand of the company. The company possesses modern standard workshop and advanced aluminum alloy door and window manufacturing equipment, and has introduced complete sets of CNC technology, smart production lines and computer network management systems from Europe. The company has gathered a large number of management talents and technical elites, set up the core technical team, and is continuously innovating and surpassing with keen sense to the market trend. The rich product systems of the company are capable of meeting the pursuit of high-end consumer groups on humanity, fashion and taste. Inheriting the essence of European elegant art, we bring the simple aesthetic design style and life concept to the Chinese market, and strive to create the high-end door and window brand that satisfies customers and makes customers trust. Based on technology and innovation, YALNJ is guided by advanced far-signed design concepts and market orientation, undertakes the responsibility of beautifying the home with safe performance, and keeps innovating to continuously improve the decoration level of doors and windows industry, and strives to build a leading international brand.

              YALNJ sets foot in the market and strives for development with the spirit of pioneering and innovation, and is earning reputation with quality and efficient service. Insisting on the enterprise outline of "quality first, reputation priority", YALNJ is providing quality products for the people to create the lifestyle of high taste.


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              YALNJ smart production line

              Since the establishment, YALNJ has continuously improved the infrastructure and introduced a number of advanced production lines from Germany, which has guaranteed the strong manufacturing capacity of the company. Standardized technical process ensures systematic procedures, and strict supervision and test system lays a solid foundation for the excellent quality for YALNJ.

              The company has introduced various advanced production equipment

              Glass gluing machine: The latest, fastest and most labor-saving automatic equipment for insulating glass production, it features high market share, convenient use and precise glue application. The appearance is good and so on. 

              Glass washing machine: It adopts horizontal structure. The flat glass is placed on the horizontal transfer roller, and passes through the feeding section, cleaning section, water absorption section, hot air section and discharging section; thus the cleaned glass can achieve satisfactory results. The maximum processing width is 1600x2000mm, the minimum processing size is 80x80mm, and the processed glass thickness is 12mm. 

              CNC double-head saw: It adopts CNC technology to realize automatic cutting of profiles for different specifications and different sizes, and features high repeated positioning accuracy. The feeding mechanism adopts imported linear guide rail, and the movable head adopts the linear and bearing motion assembly, which boasts high motion precision and accurate positioning. Automatic adjustment of cutting angle in the range of 45°-90°, it features bidirectional positioning and clamping with accurate and stable performance. 


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